ALURON is the only producer in Poland which has aluminium system designed for each segment of window carpentry market. PVC-ALU, WOOD-ALU, ALUMINIUM and WOOD – designed specifically for woodwork.

In this case we can talk about its ALU-MULTI-SYSTEMIC character, which we conceptualized in the materials on each of our island-like stands. Our custom utility designs and innovative IP are what distinguishes ALURON in the market. Among all offered by ALURON systems are profiles (construction profiles, waterbars, assembly strips, window sills), accessories (gaskets, screws, clips, end-caps) and additional material (templates, mounting tools, adhesives) and more. All our systems are interconnected which allow the use of many common parts and accessories.

With this mind-set , ALURON achieved much more as a business partner and producer – building the brand, expanding the offer, and earning customer satisfaction. Our brand is founded on quality, functionality, complexity, long-term vision, original strategy and passion