Aluron Colour Collection

ALURON’s powder coating facility allows for all RAL and NCS colours, as well as ALURON colour collection palette, DB colours, double layer SEASIDE coatings, wood decors and anodising by Qualanod standards. The possibility exists of finishing the surface and obtaining :

  • satin
  • matted
  • gloss
  • structured patterns, among others

Colour palettes

Aluron Colour Collection ( ACC) is an original colour palette, available only for ALURON brand. It contains over 100 custom, modern and interesting colours, that give the windows and buildings their individual character / unique character. The standard colour palette limit the aesthetic and arrangement possibilities in the space creation process.


Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility is certified by Qualicoat’s seal of quality, and allows for coating in all RAL and NCS colours, as well as ACC special palette.