ALURON for Architects and Investors

World’s economic conditions are forcing investors to implement new strategies at the initial planning phase. Investors are looking for solutions that provide excellent durability properties, high quality and performance, energy efficiency, heat resistance and acoustic insulation. It is important for the product to function in harmony with nature as well as the law. Extremely valuable are solutions which refresh appearances and adapting constructions to fit current conditions, as well as whole new investments. And ALURON systems fulfill those expectations.

New generation of window, door and facade systems.

Modern design, both aesthetic and simplistic, excellent energy-efficiency, comfort and more natural light in the interiors. These are the requirements of demanding customers. All ALURONS wood-alu, PVC-alu and facade systems meet those ever-increasing technical requirements for public and residential objects. Even current solutions meet the technical requirements of quality and functionality, which will be demanded in the next 5 or 10 years. ALURON systems are subjected to many evaluation processes, according to the latest regulations and standards issued by domestic and foreign certification institutes. Caring about comfort and utility, we use many years of experience in designing and selling systems in Europe and beyond.

Modern interiors

Creating interiors with the use of aluminium systems is becoming more economical and comfortable. The use of transparent and aesthetic glazing gives limitless design possibilities, also allowing the harmonious integration with the surrounding, having regard to functionality, safety and aesthetic values. Broad spectrum of colour choices and system components gives incredible arrangement possibilities.

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