ALURON for manufacturers

ALURON, in its activities, is guided by providing innovative solutions for manufacturers. Our offer includes high quality aluminium profiles, accessories and professional support on every stage of the project. All systems under ALURON brand are characterized by easy and fast prefabrication, obtained through the use of solutions which eliminate time-consuming processing. Aluminium profiles offered by ALURON, after pre-treatment, are assembled with system adapters and accessories, by punching, screwing, welding, pinning and gluing, which gives the structure stability, durability and clean aesthetics. With these solutions any contractor may realize the project.

ALURONS strength lies within experienced team of engineers and designers, which makes providing optimal solutions to each Partner possible. At our Headquarters in Economic Activity Zone in Zawiercie, we have fully equipped showroom with modern machines and auxiliary tools such as: machining center, CNC saw and training facility. Therefore, while conducting comprehensive training, we have complete process of assembling the system, including processing

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