Paving the way for new technology

Since 2002, ALURON’s aluminium systems have been the leader in carpentry both in Poland and abroad. Providing innovative technology for windows, doors and complex aluminium systems facilitates the dynamic progress of our Company. Investors, architects and carpenters alike appreciate the variety of construction designs, materials, aesthetics, functionality and the broad spectrum of arranging capabilities offered by ALURON.

QUALITY and technology

ALURON is in possession of a production facility, the machinery park of which contains an efficient and energysaving production plant, and thus limits the negative impact on the environment. ALURON system solutions meet the strict requirements of energy efficiency, providing comfort, functionality and safety. ALURON offers arc and bent constructions, welded and punched connections as well as a very broad spectrum of nonstandard solutions.

ALURON conducts its business through global management and on the basis of production standards, including ISO 9001 and Qualicoat Certificate, among others. Our products are subject to research and analyses according to the latest standards and regulations established by not only Polish but also foreign entities, such as ITB, IFT Rosenheim, LTB, Passiv Hause, etc. ALURON has won numerous prestigious awards such as: Solidna Firma, Teraz Polska, Gazele Biznesu, Diamenty Forbesa, Europejska Firma.

FUNCTIONALITY and complexity

In creating ALURON systems, we drew upon many years of construction experience. ALURON solutions are distinguished by copyright utility models and patent owner ship. The aluminium systems which we offer include profiles (construction, drip, strips, window sills), accessories (seals, screws, clips, end-caps) and additional materials (patterns, assemblies, adhesives). All systems are interconnected, which enables the use of many common parts and accessories.