Gemini Integral

Wood-aluminium windows

Integral is a unique line of products that belongs to the GEMINI family. It possesses a concealed aluminium sash profile. This creates a visual effect of a single frame, just like in fixed windows. These system profiles were developed without a visible slant and, as a result, create an external right angle. The use of an additional welded gasket in the frame profile increased the overall tightness of the construction which resulted in obtaining the E1200 classification, approved by IFT Rosenheim tests.


A modern, single-frame visual form, which fits perfectly well with the newest trends in architectural design by utilising glass, concrete, aluminium and steel. Its system profiles can be ordered in the form of welded or punched frames.

System features

  • Welded corner connectionPolaczenia spawane ram aluminiowych
  • Mechanical corner connectionpolaczenia zagniatane ram aluminiowych
  • Wood section thickness 68-92 mmgrubosc przekroju drewna
  • Glazing thickness 24-64 mmgrubosc pakietu szybowego
  • Sash and frame profile bendingGiecie profili skrzydła i ramy

Heat transfer Uw coefficient for sample window 1.23x1.48 [m]