ACS 50

Window and door systems for interiors

The ACS 50 System is a modern structure designed for the production of fixed and openable windows as well as single and double leaf doors, and also comes in a smoke-tight version. The ACS 50 system possesses frames that enable the mounting of an all-glass sash. It is characterised by highly acoustic properties and durable construction.


  • Variety of mullions
  • Freedom of angular connections

Freedom of angular connections

  • Resistance to air infiltration0.01 m3 (mhdaPa)2/3
  • Maximum wall height5300 mm
  • Scope of applicationcategory IVb according to ETAG 003
  • Range of the fillingup to 31.5 mm


  • Flushed surface of the frame and sash
  • Compatible with building automotion
  • Mounting distribution windows is optional
  • Notch or surface hinges in doors are optional
  • Arc constructions, including welded

ACS 38 system compatibility – shared technical approval

Selected features and system parameters

  • Mechanical durability for doorsClass 3
  • Smoke-tightness for doors (single point lock)Sa, Sm class
  • Acoustic insulation of doorsRw from 38 dB
  • Sliding doorAvailable
  • Construction profiles depth50 mm
  • Lab door without a threshold, acoustic28 dB

Product card ACS 50 pobierz

Doors – threshold versions