Integrated glass balustrade

The AS VGB is a modern system of railing also known as French balcony. Its main characteristics are versatility and very high performance. The AS VGB railing system can be used with aluminium windows and facade system. They perfectly bled high functionality and modern design.

The AS VGB system allows for varied railings according to their method of installation and design:

  • External railing with glazing mounted on vertical edge, with or without a mullion,
  • External railing with bottom profile,
  • External railing with bottom profile and a mullion,
  • External railing connected to a facade

The AS VGB system is meant to be easy to assemble. Prefabrication is restricted to bare minimum. To ensures its aesthetics, assembly screws, drainage and connector have been hidden in the development process. Current trends and modern approach do not limit the variety, designer vision and above all, the user’s requirements and needs.

The ESG tempered laminated glass, in thickness from 10,8mm (55.2) to 20,8mm (1010.2) guarantees its safety, and users comfort is assured by the handrail mounted on top of glass edge in either coated aluminium or stainless steel variant.

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