Gemini  Quadrat FB V

Wood-aluminium windows

The Gemini Quadrat FB-V is a variation of Quadrat FB system, that allows for the use of sun visors, like blinds, within the windows themselves – without compromising the façade design. Quadrat FB-V comes with an additional, 4/6mm single glass pane built in the sash profile. The moving sash acts as an integrating element. This type of sash also allows for easy installation, as well as faster maintenance and cleaning duties. Like all other GEMINI systems, Quadrat FB-V can be ordered as ready-made frames with either welded or mechanically connected corners.


  • Welded corner connectionsPolaczenia spawane ram aluminiowych
  • Crimped corner connectionspolaczenia zagniatane ram aluminiowych
  • Wood section thickness 68-92 mmgrubosc przekroju drewna
  • Glazing thickness 24-64 mmgrubosc pakietu szybowego
  • Sash and frame profile bendingGiecie profili skrzydła i ramy

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Heat transfer Uw coefficient for sample window 1.23x1.48 m