Gemini  Quadrat CTS

Wood-aluminium windows

The Gemini Quadrat CTS system comes with geometrical, clearly defined profile edges. The CTS version relates to the latest solutions from top milling tools manufacturers on the wood-alu carpentry market. The result is a sleek, tight build with even more light than before, due to visible part of the profile being reduced below 100mm. The ability to include even 70mm thick glazing increases thermal and acoustic parameters. Moreover, Alurons’ own solutions, such as screwed sash profile or double gasket for frame-sash connection are increasing the utility even further. Like any other GEMINI system, the Quadrat CTS can be ordered as welded or mechanically connected frames.


  • Welded corner connectionsPolaczenia spawane ram aluminiowych
  • Crimped corner connectionspolaczenia zagniatane ram aluminiowych
  • Wood section thickness 106,5 mmgrubosc przekroju drewna
  • Glazing thickness up to 70 mmgrubosc pakietu szybowego
  • Sash and frame profile bendingGiecie profili skrzydła i ramy

Product card Quadrat CTS pobierz

Heat transfer Uw coefficient for sample window 1.23x1.48 m