ALURON as a socially responsible company

Social responsibility

For many years we supported plenty of community’s projects. That is why we joined “Szlachetna paczka” campaign and helped chosen families. We support and cooperate with local correctional facility, constantly assisting local schools and actively taking part in their ventures both local and country-wide.

Our passion is Volleyball, and we take part in many sports activities to – along with our own VC Aluron Virtu Warta Zawiercie – provide an unforgettable experience to all the fans of our city and region.


The machinery and all system solutions used by ALURON are based on energy-saving and efficient production lines, limiting the negative impact on the environment. ALURON is a responsible company respecting the principals of nature preservation and local communities, by using environmentally friendly paints and coatings, segregating and recycling waste. We respect and care about surrounding nature.