Gemini VEKA Soft Line 82

Aluminium cover system for windows made using PVC Veka Soft Line 82

PVC – ALU – Gemini
The GEMINI systems are suitable for VPC-ALU windows, and are based entirely on the construction designs of PVC manufacturers and rely on the perfect fit of aluminium cover profiles with their products. This creates optic elegance and maintains the highest thermal properties. Implementing exterior aluminium elevates the UV radiation and atmospheric level of protection. It also al lows one to fit and unify the external colour scheme and overall de sign of windows made for aluminium or wood-alu carpentry


  • Tilt & turn windows
  • Tilt & slide windows (PSK)
  • Fixed windows
  • Mullions and transoms
  • Removable mullions
  • Construction crosspieces
  • Balcony doors
  • Inward opening doors
  • Outward opening doors
  • Lift & slide doors (Vekaslide)

Systems features

  • Welded corner connection
  • Punched corner connection

Product card Veka Soft Line 82 pobierz