Window system with hidden sash

The AS 80US system was developed for single and multiple casement windows with the desirable aesthetic effect of a hidden sash in the external view of the building. All adjacent fixed and tilt & turn windows look alike. AS 80US is compatible with all ALURON aluminium systems.


  • Meeting thermal parameter standards till 2021
  • 3 thermal insulation variants available
  • Hidden window gasket
  • Arc constructions, including welded
  • Aluminium drainage end-caps
  • Suitable for smart buildings
  • Integral with all other ALURON systems

Selected features and system parameters

  • Window frame depth80 mm
  • Glazing range21-68 mm
  • Window sash depth84 mm
  • Triple-chamber constructionYES
  • Window thermal insulation Uwfrom 0,71 W/m2K
  • WaterproofE 2400 Pa
  • Air permeability4 class
  • Wind load resistanceC3

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