AF 50S

Silicon variant of AF 50

The AF 50S facade system is characterised by its high-level aesthetics and light build. This modern design perfectly complements office buildings by enhancing their attractiveness and class. This system allows for the use of slim, 20 mm multi-glazing. This solution influences thermal parameters so it is suitable for changeable weather.

Three ways of glazing:

  • point connection to embedded fasteners
  • glued frame grip
  • inner frame support
  • possibility of creating vertical or horizontal lines

Selected parameters and system features

  • Glazing rangeup to 62 mm
  • Windowless wall air permeabilityAE 1650 Pa
  • Water tightnessRE 2500 Pa
  • Facade’s thermal insulation Ufrom 0.56 W/m2K
  • Glazing weight capacityup to 500 kg
  • Inter glazing joint22 mm
  • Lintel - sill strips are available with fire resistanceEI 30, EI 60

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