Gemini Classic IGB

Integrated glass balustrade

Gemini Classic IGB – A system of integrated railings intended for use in wood-aluminium systems. A combination of excellent functionality and modern design. The railing is mounted inside the aluminium window frame profile. Classic IGB does not require any mounting elements on the outside of the windows. The prefabrication of the aluminium frame adapted for glazing mount, takes place in ALURON production facility.

Charakterystyka techniczna

  • Glass construction/thickness10.8 mm (VSG-ESG 55.2)
  • Min. Glas height500 mm
  • Max. Glas height1100 mm
  • Min. Glas width700 mm
  • Max. Glas width1200 mm

Karta produktu Classic IGB pobierz


In the Gemini Classic IGB balcony window the glass pane is installed inside the aluminium profile of the frame. This solution is known on the industry under following names: Juliet balcony, Portefenetre, Glass railing, etc. It is a structure in which the open balcony space is secured and separated from the outside by a glass barrier – usually frameless – for both protective and decorative reasons.


  • The protective function of this solution is to prevent the user from falling out
  • This solution comes with a set of fastening and securing profiles, preventing pushing out the glass. We use 10.8mm thick tempered, laminated glass (VSG-ESG 55.2)
  • The name “integrated system” however, refers to the construction principle, in which all assembly parts for the glass pane are hidden inside the aluminium frame. No visible mounting components greatly enhances the aesthetic value and promises no additional restrictions when installing the sun visor in the facade
  • Gemini Classic IGB is offered as a prefabricated aluminium frame, adapted for glass assembly, with either welded or mechanically connected corner connections (accessories included)