ACS 38

Acoustic partition walls

The ACS 38 System is a modern acoustic design of non-thermally insulated walls, cubicles and sites for creating slim aluminium constructions of walls and interior partitions, which are highly useful and possess aesthetic properties. This system allows for the use of different designs, by means of SLIM door frames.

The ACS 38 SYSTEM is distinguished by:

  • Maximum light for glazed door – only 6 mm within the visible frame
  • Slim build – bars with a width of 38 mm
  • This system is integral with both manually and automatically controlled interspace window blinds
  • III class in terms of durability
  • IV class in terms of exploitativeness
  • Utilised in A-class office buildings
  • Interconnection with ACS 50 aluminium doors

This system has gained technical approval

Selected features and system parameters

  • Construction width of profiles38 mm
  • Sound insulationopaque filling - from 52 dB
  • Sound insulationglazed filling - from 46 dB
  • Maximum wall height5300 mm
  • Maximum surface of glazingup to 6.0 m2
  • Spacing between vertical mullionsup to 2500 mm
  • Resistance to air infiltration0.01 m3 (mhdaPa)2/3
  • The range of glazing thickness5 – 13 mm
  • The range of opaque filling thickness5 – 84 mm
  • Scope of applicationcategory IVb according to ETAG 003

Product card ACS 38 pobierz

ACS 38 interconnection with doors