Zero-energy facade

The AF 50KW system is designed for a facade build that allows utilizing various fillings obtaining electricity from photovoltaic cells and management systems for the zero-energy facade. The innovative part of the system, is the ability to support glazing from both inside and outside. This makes it possible to optimally service and control fillings, together with the electrical installation of the zero-energy building. The dedicated software ensures constant monitoring of cell performance in online mode, through solar and temperature sensors.

The modular configuration of the cells allows for designing a facade taking into account the illumination level of the room, which allows you to adjust the light level of the rooms to individual requirements. Photovoltaic cells can be arranged regularly or in custom patterns.

Full transparency of the package is achieved through the use of the new quantum dot technology. Available silicone cells: Bifacial, mono-Si, poly–Si, BackContact or dye-sensitized solar DSSC cells. All cells are shielded in ultra-thin, chemically tempered glass with thickness of just 0,85mm.


  • Saving money by generating its own energy
  • Lowering the cost of AC maintenance
  • Choice of transparency level
  • Easy maintenance – access from the inside
  • Online management


  • Air permeability for non-windowed wallAE 2400 Pa class
  • Air permeability wall with a windowAE 2400 Pa class
  • Watertight wall without a windowRE 2400 Pa class
  • Watertight wall with a windowRE 2400 Pa class
  • Wind load resistance2400 Pa
  • Security study+/- 3600 Pa
  • Impact resistance with double glazingES/15 class
  • Exposure category A5 class (950 mm/466 kJ)

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