AF 50R

Roof windows and glazed roof (skylights)

AF 50R is a modern window System, designed for mounting on roofs in AF 50 or AF 50S System. Beside illuminating the room, it provide sufficient ventilation and airing. It is an aesthetic roof window doubling down as a ventilation flap with very good sealing, thanks to our original overlay glazing system.

Roof windows AF 50R:

AF 50R are solutions for roof window, based on facade system of AF 50 and AF 50S, that match constantly increasing requirements for roof designs – both in terms of utility and thermal insulation; room illumination and ventilation being the primary ones. The triple-chamber body allows for implementation of thermal inserts which, in turn, grants excellent thermal insulation. Sealing is ensured thanks to the use of our original overlay glazing system and implementation of central gasket.

The System AF 50R stands out by:

  • Original overlay glazing system ensuring above average tightness
  • Easy and efficient installation – a user-friendly system
  • Can be used both in the AF 50 facade and the AF 50S version
  • Two-chamber glass as standard
  • Effective drainage and ventilation system, drainage of condensation
  • The possibility of using insulating inserts in the profile chambers
  • Opening by hand or by using electric actuators

Selected features and system parameters

  • Glazing range28-58 mm
  • Window weight200 kg
  • The minimum inclination angle2-90°
  • Window thermal insulation Uwfrom 0,99 W/m2K
  • Air permeability4 class
  • WaterproofE2400
  • Wind load resistanceC5/B5

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