Aluron Colour Collection 2

The first edition of our Aluron Color Collection custom palette was met with very positive market feedback when it launched. However, over time, architectural trends and Customer expectations have changed. We as a Company are changing with you. Which is why we are thrilled to present our second edition of color palette.

Aluron Color Collection 2 (ACC 2) is an individual and exclusive palette of colors available only under the ALURON brand. It contains over 60 custom, modern and interesting colors that give the windows and buildings a unique character. This wide range of colors gives the opportunity to emphasize the original design, design and aesthetics of the building in the surroundings.

ACC 2 is a palette of powder-coated colors of various gloss levels, textures and wood-like decors. The collection also includes anodized and anodised imitating colors. Painting in ALURON powder coating facilities is made according to the QUALICOAT standard of quality. 

ACC 2 color deck include 5 color groups:s

  1. ALURON RAL MAT – Aluron’s RAL Standard palette with MAT finish (download pdf)
  2. ALURON RAL FS – Aluron’s RAL Standard palette with fine structure finish (download pdf)
  3. ALURON METALLIC FS – designer, metallic colors with fine structure finish. All colors in this group meet the restrictive standards of QUALICOAT 2-class ALURON METALLIC FS (download pdf)
  4. ALURON DÉCOR MAT – bronze and wood pattern on aluminium surface with MAT finish (download pdf)
  5. ALURON ANODIZED & EFFECT COLORS – standard anodized colors with their min-max shade range as well as powder-coated anodized imitations (download pdf)

New ACC 2 palette is available now. All colors from the first Aluron Color Collection palette will be available till the end of 2019 or until out of stock.

For more information about the new ACC 2 color deck, please contact your designated Technical Advisor.

Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility is certified by Qualicoat’s seal of quality, and allows for coating in all RAL and NCS colours, as well as ACC special palette.