System Gemini SI SKY

HS lift and slide door system

The Gemini SI SKY system is a brand new barrier free solution of lift-slide doors based on Sigenias’ ECO PASS SKY axxent structural designs. This system stands out with the lack of standard fixed sash. It is replaced by glazing mounted in frame and threshold. This results in glass surface not bound by alu¬minium profiles and additional interior lighting. Similar to Gemini SI Standard, glazing is mounted from the outside using aluminium glazing beads. Gemini SI SKY can be ordered as ready-made frames with either welded or mechanically connected corners.

System features

  • Flushed with the floor, the 0mm threshold removes all barriers. The active, running rails is mounted in the threshold, based on the new sealing system – Siegenia HS 4.0
  • Water drainage is handled via drain line grill and gutter system
  • Sliding doors in the Gemini SI SKY system can be made accor¬ding to the schemes: A, C, G2, G3 and K
  • Can be used for 78 mm wood thickness
  • Recommended height of wooden sash 100 mm, optionally 118 mm
  • A modern glazing system from the outside (aluminium glazing beads) is used
  • Without passive sash, glazing in the frame
  • Extremely slim design
  • Larger glazing surface with respect to conventional solutions
  • Design adapted for use with Gemini window and door systems: Linear, Quadrat, Quadrat FB
  • System certified by IFT Rosenheim

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