Gemini Integral II

Wood-aluminium windows

Gemini Integral II is another type of wood-aluminium construction in the Gemini family, and this one comes with a concealed aluminium sash as its main feature. The sash, seemingly invisible from the outside, have a visual effect of a fixed window. Gemini Integral II variant comes with a wider sash profile, which increases stiffness, and allows for a thinner gasket to be used in the glazing section. Visually, this creates a narrow, black joint in the glazing area directly next to the aluminium profile. The shape of the system profiles remain the same, without a visible slant, and forming on the outside a 90o angle. System can be order as both welded and mechanically connected frames.

Wybrane cechy i parametry systemu

  • Połączenia spawane ram aluminiowychPolaczenia spawane ram aluminiowych
  • ołączenia zagniatane ram aluminiowychpolaczenia zagniatane ram aluminiowych
  • Grubość przekroju drewna 68-92 mmgrubosc przekroju drewna
  • Grubość pakietu szybowego 24-64 mmgrubosc pakietu szybowego
  • Gięcie profili skrzydła i ramyGiecie profili skrzydła i ramy

Karta produktu Integral pobierz

Heat transfer Uw coefficient for sample window 1.23x1.48 m