Gemini Reno Line

Wood-aluminium windows

Gemini Reno Line is a wood-alu system designed for the external renovation of new and existing wooden windows. Its base structure component is the IV 68 wooden window, on which aluminium frames are mounted in the final phase. The glazing is entirely set on the wooden rabbet, which means there is no need for additional milling. Adding aluminium frames results in supreme resistance to weather factors compared to the wood-only option. GEMINI Retro allows for the enhancement of aesthetic values and change of colour scheme, without replacing entire windows.


The Reno Line system offers an angular shape of profiles and also a classic design.

System features

  • Welded corner connectionPolaczenia spawane ram aluminiowych
  • Mechanical corner connectionpolaczenia zagniatane ram aluminiowych
  • Wood section thickness 68-92 mmgrubosc przekroju drewna
  • Glazing thickness 24-64 mmgrubosc pakietu szybowego
  • Sash and frame profile bendingGiecie profili skrzydła i ramy

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